Monday, 29 February 2016

Pass4sure CAS-002 Question Answer

A security administrator was doing a packet capture and noticed a system communicating with an unauthorized address within the 2001::/32 prefix. The network administrator confirms there is no IPv6 routing into or out of the network. 
Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

A. Investigate the network traffic and block UDP port 3544 at the firewall
B. Remove the system from the network and disable IPv6 at the router
C. Locate and remove the unauthorized 6to4 relay from the network
D. Disable the switch port and block the 2001::/32 traffic at the firewall

Answer: A

A security administrator notices the following line in a server's security log: <input name='credentials' type='TEXT' value='" + request.getParameter('><script>document.location=''document.cookie</script>') + "'; The administrator is concerned that it will take the developer a lot of time to fix the application that is running on the server. Which of the following should the security administrator implement to prevent this particular attack?
B. Input validation
D. Sandboxing

Answer: A

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